Governments, schools, universities, businesses and nonprofits all face similar demands, to assure that their current environmental efforts remain both impactful and cost effective while delivering tangible results that move them closer to their zero waste goals.


Research & Planning

How hard is it to get where you want to go if you don't know where you are starting from? And how useful is the data you collect if it isn't tied to your goals and values in a way that allows you to measure your success?
  • Baseline Analysis (including waste sorts and composition studies)
  • Regional Marketplace Scan (so you can understand the opportunities, costs and associated impact for recycling, composting, reuse, repair, etc.)
  • Recycling and Composting Program Design
  • Zero Waste Plans
  • Zero Waste Procurement Policies
  • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

Financial Modeling

We make financial modeling fun. Well as fun as it can be. Our proprietary modeling provides our clients with a status quo snapshot of their current costs AND a dynamic model to make the economic and environmental impacts of diversion and reduction options tangible. A true full cost accounting that provides cost benefit analysis for the investments needed to reach your reduction and diversion goals. Our clients use the model to justify expenses, prioritize investments, align their goals and keep on top of measuring impacts.
  • Triple Bottom Line Analysis (financial, social and environmental)
  • Financial Modeling and Projections
  • Project Financing

Implementation & Analysis

After all the planning, research and modelling it is finally time for your project to begin! After 30 years (and that isn’t combined) we have a lot of experience implementing and analyzing projects of all sizes (from a small event to a multimillion dollar effort) and this is were our passion for reducing waste is finally satisfied (a least for awhile.)
  • Collection Program Logistics and Equipment Selection
  • Service Provider Contracting
  • Zero Waste Events
  • Marketing, Education and Communications
  • Data tracking and reporting
  • Project Management
  • Product Sourcing and Procurement
  • Pay as You Throw
  • Waste Sorts & Composition Analysis
  • Recycling and Compost Program Design
  • Partnership Facilitation
  • Grant Writing
  • True Advisor™ for USGBC Zero Waste Building Certification.